Hutch mutters under his breath as Starsky makes the move on Julie McDermott (Action)
• “like on the slopes of Aspen”
• “got frostbite in your mouth”
• “I hope you have crop failure”
• “Jive Chump”

Police chatter on radio (Discomania)
• “10-70 investigation”
• “Central Three”
• “1000 Chestnut”
• “918x”
• “Northern Thirty to headquarters”
• “Uh, negative.”
• “Frisby, home break-in”
• “Mission Five, headquarters”
• “Mission Five, send the wagon.”

Police chatter on radio (Dandruff)
• “Mission One”
• “Mission One, stand by there”
• “Mission One, 10-4”
• “Attention all units”
• “Alarm at 1940 Carlson”

Over the hospital PA (Plague)
• “Nurse Webster report to Dr. Badham in surgery”
• “Nurse Hall, call your station”
• “Dr. Smith, call your office”
• “Dr. Redfield, report to Dr. Martin in Administration” X 4
• “Nurse Bartlett, call Physical Therapy on 214” X 2

Over the airport PA (Targets Without a Badge 3)
• “Flight 116, now boarding at gate 4”
• “All passengers for flight #419 to Chicago…”
• “…may now board at gate #43.”

Over the hospital PA (Blindfold)
• “Dr. Donahue, call 276”
• “Dr. Gary, emergency call line six, Dr. Gary”
• “Officer Hutchinson, telephone call at Nurse’s Station Five. Officer Hutchinson”

Over the hospital PA (Game)

• “Dr. Donahue, call 276”
• “Dr. Gary, emergency call line six, Dr. Gary”

Over the hospital PA (Partners)
•“Dr. Hyatt, Dr. Hyatt, report to Admitting.”
• “Nurse Phillips, report to the Maternity Ward.”
• “Dr. Bear, Dr. Bear, please call your service.”

Over the hospital PA (Black and Blue)
• “Dr. Richfield, call your office”
• “Dr. Redfeldt, report to Dr. Garr in Administration”

Announcer says at Monty’s bookie joint (Savage Sunday)
• “and heading in for the stretch…”
• “no photo finish for you here”
• “that’s it, folks”
• “…for the sixth race in just 20 minutes”

Announcer says regarding the Bulls-Stags game on the radio (Shootout)
• “Score 24 to 17”
• “Thompson to setbacks”
• “handoff to Reader”
• “big hole across the 30”
• “out-of-bounds in the 32

Heard in the background in neighborhood (Deckwatch)
• barking dogs
• children playing
• birds chirping
• helicopter in the air
• clock ticking

Heard in the background of The Rookies, “Blue Christmas” (Class in Crime)
• “I’ll check it out.”
• “Could you tell me what happened, M’am?”
• “Lockheart. Mrs. Tony Lockheart.”
• “Mrs. Lockheart, what happened here?”
• “Well, I was baking some gingerbread men for my tree, and I heard a noise. And there was a man standing on my fire escape, so I screamed. And he ran, and I called you.”
• “Could you give me a description of him?”
• “I’m afraid I couldn’t. It all happened so suddenly.”
• …”You did say he was mad at you.”
• “No, he always calls me on Christmas Eve, you know what I mean.”

In Walter Healey’s mind as he is voodoo-ized (Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island)
• eerie flute music
• squawking birds
• “You will obey!”
• jewelry jingling
• “You belong to me!”
• laughing

On the radio at the Huntley house (Birds of a Feather)
• “…fire in Lone Pine last night claimed the lives of Donna Pilfrie, 3”
• “and her 86 year old grandfather Edmund Pilfrie.”
• “It is believed that the elder Pilfrie dozed off with a cigarette”
• “while babysitting for the child’s parents...”
• “The burial will be at the family plot in two weeks.”

Dialogue heard on “The Disenchanted” (Huggy Can’t Go Home)

• “The previous segment of The Disenchanted had Phil and Mary leaving for Montego bay on what • they hoped to be a rescue mission for their splintered marriage.”
• “Sean, meanwhile, remains in…desperately attempting…”
• “Rebecca, over their divorce as she is carrying the child of…”
• “But I kind of like my wife to greet me at the door when I come home.”
• “Oh, I could have arranged for a stay, but I couldn’t get a permit in time.”
• “You know, had a tough day at the office.”
• “You were a good cook once, when you wanted to be.”
• “Oh Roy, All I did was pull it out of the frozen food section, pay the man $3.29 and throw it in the microwave. My cooking stinks and you know it.”
• “Honey, I’m home. Marcy, where are you?”
• “Well, they’re not mine.”
• “It’s too late for that, Marcy, years too late.”
• “Roy, where are you going?”
• “Any place, Marcy, any place but here.”

Dialogue from television show heard at Elaine’s apartment (Jojo)
• “what did the doctor say?”
• “all boiled down to a nutshell, Miriam”
• “continue to keep him under observation, look for signs of progress”
• “that doesn’t sound too hopeful”
• “and Anne. Will she be able to live with the fact that Jason has no memories?”
• “I’m sorry, Miriam.”

Dialogue on television show Baron turns on when he and Marianne arrive at his place (Ballad For a Blue Lady)
• “I’m not.”
• “No, I don’t know. I thought…”
• “What did you think?”
• “Well, what then?”
• “Jane, I know. I know everything.”
• “What are you talking about…What is there to know?”

Dialogue on television show Jimmy Lucas turns on before he shoots Palmer (Birds of a Feather)

• “What’s wrong, Dave? It’s more than just nervousness, isn’t it?”
• “I know.”
• “Know? What do you know?”
• “Everything.”

Heard in the background over the craps game (Action)
• “five hundred”
• “give me $1500”
• “two thousand over here”
• “another $1000”
• “five hundred”
• “I want $5000”
• “apologize dice”
• “hot shooter”
• “atta boy and away one more time”
• “I’m gonna play $200”
• “we were good for a minute, you can’t win them all”
• “you’re gonna get them now, come on Baby”
• “move on, Hot Guys”

Football game on radio at the Marlborough Health Club (Action)
• “Ball is snapped, he steps back into the pocket”
• “But the blintz is on by the middle linebacker, number fifty-six.”
• “He’s missed two of his blockers already...”
• “…Let’s take another look at that.”
• “You might never see it again.”

Heard in the background at airport (Plague)
• “flight 255 “…leaves in five minutes”
• “white zone is for the immediate loading and unloading of passengers only. No parking.”
• “Flight 432 to Alabama boarding at Gate 5”
• “Seven now boarding at Gate 12”

Known about the “heat wave” (Death in a Different Place)
• it is the first of the month
• the radio announcer calls it a “blockbuster”
• the high will be 97 degrees Fahrenheit
• it is the fifth day in a row of heat
• there is no relief in sight

Narration for cop show Starsky watches at the Country Squire (Specialist)
• “patrol”
• “all units to the vicinity”
• “officer down”
• “fired upon”
• “gray late model sedan”
• “no license ID’
• “reported headed north at high speed”
• “possible destination ‘garbled’”
• “patrol on the following division unit”
• “code 3”
• “switch to tack 2”

Horse race results on the radio (Savage Sunday)
• “Bangor by a length”
• “Foolish Pride on the outside”
• “heading for the stretch”
• “no photo finish here, folks”
• “that’s it, folks!”

Horse race results on the radio (Heroes)
• “they’re in the gate and their off”
• “it’s Expensive Girl breaking out on top”
• “Pan Hand is second, “King Bangor is third”
• “Cool Jazz in fourth place”
• “Cool Jazz, Expensive and King Bangor…”
• “coming around the park turn, it’s King Bangor by a length, Foolish Pride by two”
• “and in third place, Fire Foot”
• “and heading for the stretch, it’s King Bangor by a length”
• “Foolish Pride coming up on the outside, it’s King Bangor”

Horse race results on the radio (Action)
• “Around the far turn, Hopeful in front by a length.”
• “Amnesiac moving up fast on the outside.”
• “Proud Moment is in third.”
• “Salty Babe closing in on the outside, the rest of the field are far back.”
• “Amnesiac and Hopeful, Salty Babe coming up.”
• “Amnesiac, Hopeful, Salty Babe. Amnesiac and Salty Babe.”
• “It’s Amnesiac winning it by a neck, Salty Babe came in second and Hopeful finishing third.”
• “We’ll be right back in one minute with the pay off after this commercial break…”
• “…Here’s the results of the fifth race.”
• “There was a steward’s inquiry for interference at the start. “
• “Amnesiac finished first but was disqualified and placed last. “
• “The official results are Salty Babe, the winner, paying $6 a win.”

Heard on Harry Johnson’s radio (Hostages)
• “That was Scotty Kane playing “Ease My Mind” on this bright and chipper Friday morning”
• “The time is four minutes to seven. Four before seven.”
• “And now, let’s go back to music.”

On radio in car after Starsky and Rosey Malone’s date (Rosey Malone)
• “The time, 10:00.”
• “And now, the news.”
• “Investigations into syndicate activities continues to dominate the news.”
• “It now appears that the Senate Investigating Committee will be concentrating on reputed syndicate control of our city.”
• “The committee made a…”
• “…and the question is whether the star witness, Frank Malone, will turn out to be a dud”
• “or take refuge in the Fifth”
• “or will be forced to reveal syndicate operations.”