Ethnic lunches Starsky and Hutch suggest to Chris (Heroes)
• Chinese
• Russian
• French
• Italian
• Japanese

Louisiana Gumbo ingredients at the Funky Chicken (Huggy Can’t Go Back )
• chopped chicken necks
• shrimp
• crab meat
• easy on the rice
• heavy on the okra and hot sauce

Roper offers Starsky (Plague)
• vodka?
• anisette?
• what?

Mitzi reminds Lisa of stuff in the refrigerator (Nightmare)
• bananas
• milk
• peanut butter

Some things on The Slice of Life menu at the health club (Action)
• Slice of England
• Shaved Turkey
• Little Italy
• Bagel with Cream Cheese
• Chef Salad
• Tossed Salad
• Jungle Juice
• Strawberry Peach
• Banana Spritz

Linda Baylor wants (Fatal Charm)

• taco
• burrito
• enchilada
• guacamole

Offered up by Roxy’s (Heroes)
• coffee
• tea
• glass of water
• an aspirin
• free sex later

Lunch tango (Heroes)

• how about an apple -- Hutch
• how about I’m buying -- Starsky
• how about French -- Hutch
• how about a hamburger -- Starsky
• how about ‘I’m dieting’-- Chris

Eunice Craig’s banana daiquiri recipe (Pariah)
• organic bananas
• natural lemon juice
• unrefined raw sugar
• six jiggers of dark rum

Maurice steals from store (Manchild on the Streets)
• banana
• soda
• potato chips
• packaged cupcake
• pickle out of big glass jar

Amboy eats (Bust Amboy)
• kidney and baby veal ragu
• caviar
• really, really fresh corn
• baby boar with small potatoes

Starsky orders at the Chubby Chicken Drive-In (Silence)
• two hamburgers
• double order of french fries
• one of your super duper chocolate malts
• cup of coffee
• glass of water for Hutch

Hutch’s health shake ingredients (Pariah)
• goat’s milk
• black strap molasses
• sea kelp
• lecithin
• desiccated liver
• sprinkling of trace elements and vitamins

Hutch’s health shake ingredients (Little Girl Lost)
• most of the above, referring to the cereals he offers to Molly / Pete
• vitamins and minerals
• what looks to be a raw egg (tosses an egg shell into the sink when Molly sits down)
• honey (Hutch spoons it out of jar)

Health shake ingredients that Abby uses (Bounty Hunter)
• goat’s milk
• sea kelp
• desiccated liver
• vitamins
• triple dose of vitamin E

Sandwiches available at the Jenson’s Corner Café (Death Ride)
• jelly
• bologna
• meatloaf

Hutch suspects Starsky will choose as three-course dinner prize (Sweet Revenge)
• hamburger
• fries
• chocolate shake

Starsky and Hutch buy Franklin Jones’ kids (Crying Child)
• chili burgers
• fries
• shakes
• chili dogs

Starsky and Hutch tell the waiter to bring to the table (Bust Amboy)
• muscatel
• some fine polish sausage
• sour pickles
• a crock of prune juice

Starsky likes for breakfast (Little Girl Lost, Pariah)
• salami
• cold pizza
• root beer

Food Hutch, Huggy and Dobey sneak in to Starsky at hospital (Sweet Revenge)
• wine / champagne, Huggy
• stuffed veal, Hutch
• a ten pound antipasto plate, Dobey

Cereal Hutch offers Molly / Pete (Little Girl Lost)
• granola
• wheat germ
• coconut stripes
• blackstrap squares
• All Bran

Officer Hagen transposes Starsky and Hutch’s dinner order to diner lingo (Specialist)
• two T’s bleeding slightly on a raft (two steaks medium rare)
• two Irish plums (two baked potatoes)
• hold the fat (hold the sour cream and chives)

Hutch cooks this meal for Starsky at Pine Lake (Satan’s Witches)
• bear meat
• acorns
• dried roots

Food with which Huggy tries to tempt Dobey (Sweet Revenge)
• bananas
• a nice sandwich
• something in a small silver disposable tin, Huggy comments, “Voila” when he displays it
• something in a white bowl

Abby’s salad (Bounty Hunter)
• raisons
• lettuce
• sunflower seeds
• pineapple yogurt

Starsky wants on his burger at Arlene’s Donuts (Silence)
• lettuce
• tomato
• mayonnaise
• salt
• pepper
• plenty of relish
• lots of onions

Starsky blames his distracting burp on (Birds of a Feather)
• the ribs he had for lunch
• an avocado omelet
• jalapeno peppers

the hamburger Hutch for himself when he gets Starsky the tuna burger (Committee)
• bleu cheese dressing
• bacon strips
• thousand island

Served by Huggy at the old folks’ home (Savage Sunday)
• Chinese food—barbequed ribs and chow mien
• American food—hamburgers and hotdogs
• soul food—black eyed peas and ham hocks
• tacos and enchiladas

Items Hutch can’t get to come out of the container at the JC Cafe (Psychic)
• cream
• sugar
• salt

Laura’s description of dinner with Starsky, no mention of the “company” (Velvet Jungle)
• dinner was terrific
• food was delicious
• service was excellent
• atmosphere was romantic

Murph and Sugar offer Starsky and Hutch a drink, Starsky specifies (Death in a Different Place)
• on me
• something cold
• no booze

Oceanside Pastries serves (Foxy Lady)
• sundaes
• ice cream
• malts
• shakes
• pies
• Danish pastries
• donuts
• cakes for all seasons

Anton’s secret ingredients for Hungarian Goulash (Death Notice)
• love for good friends
• gratitude for their helping
• prayers for all good things in the future

Food the angry chef put his wife’s body in, according to Hutch (Set-Up)
• sausages
• toast
• butter
• hash
• potatoes
• omelets
• eggs
• tomato juice
• tea
• not the coffee

Varieties of soup contaminated by botulism (Game)
• chicken gumbo
• vichyssoise
• clam chowder