Starsky uses his hands to describe a possible hot chick for Colby (Deadly Imposter)
• “something real swell”
• “bout like that”
• “and that”
• “and a little of that”

Manny uses his hand to tell Starsky and Hutch that a stripper needs more than (Death Notice)

• “big oh here”
• “and all down here”
• “move in and out”

Dobey describes Traffic Control duty with his hands (Partners)
• "This means stop."
• "This means go."
• "I'll see you tomorrow morning."

Colby uses his hands on the car hood to make the beach plans (Deadly Imposter)
• “All right, clean and simple then.”
• “You follow me to the house.”
• “I take the guard outside.”
• “You take the two on the beach.”

Starsky describes a quenching pineapple drink (Heroes)
• “scrumptious drink in pineapple”
• “with umbrella on top”
• “long straw”

Colby’s thug uses his hands on the car hood to explain beach situation (Deadly Imposter)
• “Well, the house is here.”
• “There’s one guard out front.”
• “There’s two more down on the beach.”

Not a set of three, but fun: Starsky describes Officer O’Reilly (Strange Justice)
• Starsky describes her in relation to the first letter of her last name to Dobey

Not a set of three, but fun: Blaze describes Starsky and Hutch “working together” (Targets Without a Badge 2)
• hands pointed toward each other, fingers meshing and wiggling