In the woods, Starsky feels (Satan’s Witches)
• liberated
• alive
• woodsy
• one with nature

Starsky knows are in the woods (Satan’s Witches)
• rocks
• chipmunks
• wildflowers
• beavers
• biting horses and cows
• bears

Starsky mumblings about Pine Lake (Satan’s Witches)
• “gotta get out of here”
• “middle of the world, nowhere”
• “not a soul in sight”
• “lotta trees and water, water and trees, trees and water”
• “not even a hamburger stand”

Hutch tells Starsky he likes about nature (Murder on Playboy Island)
• fresh air
• crystal clear mountain lakes
• trout filled streams
• sunrise

Starsky tells Hutch he is afraid of in nature (Murder on Playboy Island)
• grizzly bears
• quicksand
• poisonous plants
• rattlesnakes

Starsky tells woman what he loves about nature (Murder on Playboy Island)
• crystal clear air
• bubbling brooks
• the simple joy of boiling a trout

Dobey knows his conifers (Bloodbath)
• pinion pine
• ponderosa pine
• knotty pine

Clues in nature Dobey, Huggy and Hutch think of (Bloodbath)
• ebony (Dobey helpfully points out is a hardwood)
• granite
• dark
• black
• rock
• stone
• trees
• water

Starsky wants to avoid in the woods (Satan’s Witches)
• biting horses
• itching
• scratching
• bees and bears in the woods